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LA Tax Fees

FEES – Professional Tax Services

Personal and Individual Tax Preparation (Federal, state and e-filing):

1040: from $200 (Average return is $300-$400),

Fiduciary Tax Preparation

1041: from $400 (average return is $500-$800)

Business Tax Preparation

1120: from $500 (average return is $600-$800)
1120S: from $500 (average return is $600-$800)
1065: from $500 (average return is $600-$800)

Tax Representation Service

Tax Account Review & Discovery from $1,200 (federal and state), then as needed a resolution as follows:
Negotiating installment Agreements from $1,000 (average is $1,000-$2,000)
Negotiating an OIC Offer In Compromise from $2,000 (average is $$2,000-$6,000)
IRS Audit Representation: From $2,000
FTB Audit Representation: From $2,000
BOE Audit Representation: From $2,000
EDD Audit Representation: From $2,000


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